Monday, August 17, 2015

Millions Of Dollar In Lottery Tickets Goes Unclaimed Every Single Years

The Seidens found their lost lotto ticket in time to claim their lottery cash which was $1 Million

Are you aware that the government basically keep millions of dollars in winning lottery ticket because the winners have failed to collect their prize on time?

In 2015 alone, more than $2 Million went unclaimed by Wisconsin lottery players who probably threw out their ticket, thinking they didn't win or completely forgot to collect their prize on time. Keep in mind that you have a dead-line to make your claim to any lottery prize. Once that date passes by, they will keep your money.

It is also reported that more than $56 Million have been lost by potential lotto winners in the state of Wisconsin and it is a very similar situation in other state lotto across the nation.

According the Lotto officials in multiple states across the U.S, they strongly believe the majority of the winning lotto tickets were accidentally thrown in the trash or put in  place in which the owner totally forgot its location.

Other explanation given is that the owner of these tickets may have tossed them away after concluding they did not win the jackpot and weren't interested in claiming smaller cash prizes.

If you wish to immediately find out whether your lotto ticket is a winner without having it in hand, you should check out an app called LOTTO-LOTTO.

Check out the link below to get a sense of what the Lotto-Loto can do for you

The app was created by Brett Jacobson  and its main purpose is to allow users to check tickets for every Lotteries in the United States. The only thing you have to do is take a picture of your Lottery ticket and the Lotto-Lotto app will do the rest.

This same app will make it easy and smooth for you to see the drawing date, numbers and the result of the submitted state lotto ticket as well as the lottery games.

On top of everything, the app can also let you know the closest location where you can go and claim your cash prize and track the result of previous lottery games.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

After 20 Long Years Of Trying, They Finally Won $7M. Does It Really Take That long?

 Margaret and Albert Greening holding their $5.8 million lotto big check

What a wonderful moment that most had been for these 2. Albert and Margaret are still in total shock and outright denial after they find out they had won a Lottery prize of $6.8 million.

The happily married couple who reside in Vernon had been playing the Canada's Lotto 6/49 for the previous 20 years and after finally winning, they simply couldn't believe their eyes when it came time to check their tickets again to confirm they had indeed won the Lotto.

I wonder whether they'd believe me if I had told them they'd have won it much earlier by utilizing the Lotto 649 Custom Profile which would had brought them a quicker winning rate. Nevertheless, but late than never and what counts is they eventually won the lotto and are now set for their whole life which include their children and grand children.

The ticket that contained the winning numbers was purchased at a Vernon 7 eleven convenience store on 39th Ave.

 "I was checking the numbers on the computer and realized we had won big" stated a surprisingly shocked Margaret. " I grabbed my husband and dragged him back  to our living room to show him the results, but I myself still couldn't believe it."

The Canadian married couple explained that, with the exception of their wedding day, they couldn't imagine a more exciting and life-changing moment in their entire time together.

Margaret and Albert Greenings news made it into the front page of the Morning Star.

The greening are still thinking hard about what they should do with their winning prize but it looks they've already settled on purchasing a new  home, taking a trip to visit family member on the east coast and gifting some of that money to their kids in which I'm sure would be very please. Who can reject free money.

Albert added how the lotto prize money will completely change their life s from that point on going forward. Things will get much easier for them as they will be able pay all their bills and won't have to rely on living on their pension money.

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It is a tool with a system that would greatly boost or increase your chance of finally winning Lotto prizes.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

How You Can Increase Your Chance Of Winning The Lottery In 2015

 Just about everyone would love to 1 day win the lottery, but the odd of it becoming a reality is extremely low. With that in mind, you may ask yourself how can one improve his or her odds of winning? Well, the answer to this question is by chance. It is obvious to all that the more ticket you buy for a specific drawing, the greater your chance becomes. But you should know there are more than a few among us who believe there's more to it than that.

Check out a few method that could possibly increase your chance of finally winning the lottery.

1) Buy more than 1 ticket
It is of course a fact that the more ticket you have, the better your odds are of eventually winning as oppose to having 1 ticket.

If you take into account that most state lottery have jackpot odds of about 100 million to 1, buying a few more tickets sound very reasonable, that is if you really want to give yourself some hope against the heavy odds against you winning. The more ticket you have in hands, the better your chances are to win the lottery. Let's say you were to buy 100 tickets, your odds would be 100million to 100 instead of 100 million to 1 for just 1 ticket.

2) Join a lottery pool

Participate in or bring together a group of people to buy as many ticket as possible. This could be done  among family members, friends at school or at your local church. The idea is for everyone to put their money together in a pool to buy a massive amount of lotto tickets. With so man tickets on hand, your odds of winnings would be much better but the payout would be much less because it would have to be divided among all those who put money into the pool to buy the lotto tickets.

3) Play less often but when you do play, buy more ticket.
For the specific day that you decide to play, your chances of winning would increase.

With this strategy, your odds of winning in your lifetime will not increase, but it could possibly  affect what jackpot you win if you eventually win.

What this strategy will do is save you the money that would had been used if you were to play frequently and use it to buy more tickets when the jackpot reaches large amount. Basically, it is saying to save your money and wait for larger jackpot payout to buy large amount of ticket.

This method would ensure that if you win, the payout will be much larger while keeping the amount you spend reasonable because you won't be playing so frequently.


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Monday, November 10, 2014

Here Are 10 Things You Could Do After You Win The Lottery posted last night's lottery winning numbers which were 32, 35, 41 and 66 with a mega ball of 5. From the early reports coming out of the media, it sounds like the winning ticket was sold in Atlanta, Georgia. Too bad I'm not in possession of this golden ticket and there's a good chance your luck is no better than mines if you're reading this. But there's always tomorrow. If you can ever win it all one of these days, you won't ever have to worry about money in your life, right? Well, you are WRONG!

With the knowledge of good money management, you and your heirs should live a very wealthy and comfortable life for many long years to come. But you should be aware that from the moment you get your hands on that prize money, family members and friends will descend on you with their hands out, demanding a piece of that cash. And unless you already had good money habits, you could actually turn out to be your worse enemy by squandering your fortune away in no time.

A precautionary step that should be taken between now and the drawing is for you to sign the back of your lotto ticket. Let's say you were to lose your ticket and had not signed it, whomever were to find it would be able to simply sign their name on it, produce an I.D and be able to claim your Lotto prize.

Below are 10 steps that should help you keep away from additional risk. The majority of them works well with windfall as well - For example, the unexpected fortune that comes from an heritage or the sale of a business.

1)  Demand Anonymity if it's available in your state
Being an anonymous lotto winner could prevent people from finding out about your new-find wealth, thus preventing all types of greedy relatives and long-lost friends from haggling you for a handout. This will also includes businesses and experts who would all be courting you as a potential client to make money off of you. So again, make sure to check your state lotto rules and quickly demand to remain anonymous so you won't have to deal with these vultures.

While Mega-Million is a national Lottery, its rules on anonymity varies from state to state. If you're in New York, you won't be able to stay anonymous since winner's name are public record. On the other hand, South Carolina allows its winner to demand anonymity from the public.
Even in state where anonymity isn't available, it is possible to conceal yourself as a lotto winner by setting up a fund or limited liability company to receive the winnings. More then a few past Lotto winners have taken that route and had their lawyer claim the prize on their behalf.

Subject to where you bough your Lotto ticket, winners have between 180 days and 1 year from the date of the drawing to claim their money, so make sure to check your state lotto rules and start making preparation for how you want to proceed in claiming your prize.

2) Before to cash-out the ticket, hire a tax professional.
Once you make a claim to the prize, you will be ask to choose between receiving the money as a whole sum, or receiving it over a 26 year period, in the form of an annuity. If you choose to receive your money in a lump sum, you will have to immediately pay tax on the entire amount. 
 On the other hand, if you pick the annuity, you will only be taxed on it as you receive the payment. 

If you have a spending problem, it would be best to receive your payment as an annuity, but this form of payment has its drawbacks that you should be made aware of. It is important to compare the yield of the annuity to what you would earn by receiving the payment at once.

Taking the annuity could also leave your family without the money they'd need to pay estate tax if you were to die before the 30 year period is up. In such a case, people usually would buy a life insurance policy to cover to estate tax bill.

You will be given 60 days from the period you make a claim to the prize money to decide to pros and cons of annuity or lump sum. During this time, it would be best to get yourself an adviser or tax professional to help you figure out which one suits you best.

3)Try not to "all of a sudden" change your lifestyle.
 Resist the temptation of spending your Lottery money to buy expensive stuff right away. Lay low for 6 months and spend like a regular guy for the time being. Don't go too big or upgrade your lifestyle too soon.

It is important to pace yourself and not let the money get into your head. That is when you make bad decision and buy things that aren't needed.

Many makes the mistake of quickly buying expensive stuff as soon as they get their hands on their money then later realizes the mistake they made by buying so many stuff that they didn't need. They only come to this conclusion after all the money is long gone.

4) You should pay all your debs.
In my opinion, this one is crucial. The best investment you could make once you hit the jackpot is to quickly pay off all your debs. Whether it's credit card or mortgage or whatever; just make sure everything is cleared and off your back for good. Once that is done, even if your money were to eventually run out, you will at least be at ease that your debt are no more. Not having to worry about debts is a great feeling.

5) Pull together a team of legal and financial advisers
 As a rich person, it can be hard to figure out who's trying to take advantage of you and who has your best interest in mind. Instead of signing into a group of advisers that was put together by 1 person, it is preferable that you handpick your own lawyer, investment and accountant advisers etc, and then force them to work together for your interest. That should keep them from scheming on you as a group. Dive and conquer.

Vetting each advisers properly before hiring them is a must. Check public record and their past performance if it's possible. Make sure to check whether they've ever been any complaint about the advisers you're about to hire.

If you live in a small community where everyone knows each other, it may be best not to hire a lawyer in this neighborhood since you wouldn't want word to get out you're now rich. Instead, you should go for a lawyer living in a big City. is a great place to look up for lawyers in specific location

6) Invest wisely.
I would personally recommend putting your prize money in a safe short-term investment asset and stay away from it for the next 6 months. Then get your advisers to put together an investment portfolio divided in half between equities such as stocks and fixed income like bonds.

Please, stay away from investment that you don't understand. Sometimes advisers may try to sell you into stuff that are over complicated. Let them know you're not interested.

7) Live within  budget

 Now that you have so much money, you will need to preserve it so it can last for a very long time right? The best way to accomplish that is by not going on too many wild spending spree and restraining yourself. Remind yourself how it felt before you won all that money and the need to never go back to your past life when you were broke.

Create a reasonable monthly budget and try not to go over it. Great discipline will be needed to succeed.

8) The need to protect your assets

With all that money, you better believe more than a few would look into the possibility of suing you whenever possible since they now know you have plenty of money that can be obtained through court battles.
 ex-spouse, ex-girlfriend, creditors and all types of people  would surely love to win a lawsuits against you and grab some of your cash, therefore protection is needed from these vultures.

The best way to keep your assets safe is by erecting a variety of barriers that makes it almost impossible for creditors to lay a hand on your money and assets. Asset protection strategies, as they are called, can range from state-law exemption to establishing a few roadblocks from the use of trust and family limited partnerships. It is possible to use varieties of strategy in tandem with each other or separately. It is really up to you.

9) Plan a Charitable gift

You can receive an income tax deduction for up to 50% of adjusted gross income for cash contribution and up to 30% for donation of other assets held for more than 12 months.

If you can't make up your mind or can't figure out what's best for you, it may be wise to consider a donor-advised fund. Armed with such a fund, you could make a charitable donation this year and claim federal tax deduction for you irrevocable contribution and postponed the proposal of which charities would get grants from the account until some time in the future.

10) Evaluate your estate plan.

You will need to plan for estate tax if winning the Lottery has turned you into an instant millionaire. More flexibility than ever before is offered in the 2012 tax law. Each person has a $5.25 million limit on tax free transfers in which could be applied during life, when you die or some combination of the 2.
So in case you may want to share your wealth with family and friends, this would be the ideal time to do it.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

5 basic ways You Can Utilize LottoPredict To Get Positive Result

It is over and done with...Just a few minute ago, I pressed the button to send out this week Lotto Predict into the Whole Wide Web(does anyone still use that Internet term?)

And while it seems clear, whenever you decide to use LottoPredict, there are a few things you could utilize to make your game more winnable.

And just to remind you - LottoPredict is not a necessary item...It is simply an optional bonus to complement the main product.

If you play like I do, you still get the 98% win rate, but LottoPredict could help you win faster with more consistency. So I'm sure you wouldn't reject that right!

Crucial reminder - The Red/Green squares are only for the Silver Lotto System. If you use Pro, it is best to use the 2 PRO columns located on the right hand side of the chart.

Below, I've listed 5 pointers I believe you should check against your lotto game/strategy to get the most out of LottoPredict.
 If you live there, Greece is the better game to play

1) Of the many games of lotto you play, do they have the lowest number of balls and numbers?
This is important so you can achieve the utmost and highest winning odds. Through he star rating on the left side of the Lotto-Predidct chart, you would effortlessly find the best game to play.

Tips: There exist more than a few 1-star games available. If the choice is here, it is necessary to pick the highest star game on the board.

2) Do you play off-peak games while hoping to get bigger share of any win?
Quickly check your game in LottoPredict for a moment. The odds are it probably has one play day. And for the most part, one of these days is more popular than the other because of high jackpot or simply because people are used to playing on weekends.

The key here is for you to find out which day is the LEAST popular among players and play that. You can simply ask the store staff and he/she should tell you

3) Make sure your play aren't spread too thin.
Are you attempting to play every time your game shows YES in the green square? If you have a tight budget, you may have to hold off sometimes so not to get wiped out too quickly.

4) You should not always play when 50% shows up on the orange square.

The percentage in the square basically mean the decision to play is up to you. However, I will recommend that you on play on the sure thing...The green YES or 75% square.

Don't take any big chances...Stay with the sure thing to play and you should be fine. 

5) If you're not satisfied with a tiny jackpot - You will never go wrong if you play the games on Silver Lotto System with the best odds - but you can still go ahead and play the big jackpot if you're annoyed that the system only recommend  small prizes. As long as you keep an eye on LottoPredict recommendation, you should do okay.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Recently Retired Restaurant Owner Converts $15 Lottery Win Into 1$ Million.

An  Oswego County restaurant owner who recently retired from her line of work was handed $1 Million check after winning the New York state Lottery.

While making a stop at Kinney Drugs on  Rome Road in Pulaski to buy some birdseed, Barbara Krupke decided to try her luck by playing the lottery.

Mrs Krupke, with a 10 Set For Life ticket and a $5 ticket for 25X, won the incredible $1 million prize.
The money, which she bought with $15 she'd won on previous lottery ticket.

The old lady from New York State decided to take her marvelous winnings in one lump sum which surely mean she will collect  a grand total of $502, 976.

Luckily for her family, Barbara stated she will use some of the money to give back to her relatives who could use some cash.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

U.S States Lotteries: Any Ideas Of Where All The Cash Goes?

Having recently just moved to Pennsylvania, I've been going through the standard adjustment process anyone have to deal with in a new environment(ei: local laws, store location etc etc..). As I was watching TV the other day, I was bombarded with a bunch of advertisement for the PA State which benefits older Pennsylvanians.

While I was well aware that some states utilizes their state lottery as a way to fund and support various programs or projects, I was not aware that some of these states benefitted the elderly. It was then that I started doing some research and compiling a list of states lottery beneficiaries.

To my surprise, Pennsylvania was basically unique in the fact that it was the only state lottery that benefitted the elderly. The most popular recipient for the funds by a large margin was education, followed by the state general fund. With the unique category of Pennsylvania and Colorado who funds environment projects, there are a few other rare ones: Massachusetts alongside Wyoming hands the money to town/cities while Wisconsin turns it over to property state credit and finally, Kansas uses it for economic development.
There are of course a few states out there who have no lotteries/

If you take a look at the map above, you should get a good picture of where all the state lottery money goes.